Terrence Brown - BRITIL President

There is nothing that brings me more joy than helping someone grow their business ideas into a product or business. It is so remarkable to see that "lightbulb moment" grow and evolve. In my past executive positions, I’ve taken great business ideas to market many times over. I also had the opportunity to help a number of people – businessmen and women, military service personnel, engineers, programmers, inventors and entrepreneurs. In addition, I assisted a number of Government Agencies programs flourish and assist fledging companies grow and each and every time, I viewed it as my privilege and honor.

For me, this work is much more than just a job, but my passion. It first started during my time working in South Africa, where I found joy helping small businesses needing "capacity building," business skills development or business coaching. Simply, I enjoy helping people meet their personal and business goals and assist people to navigate the troubled waters. During this process, these experiences helping people find greater success and deeper meaning in their own lives has become my life’s work. It later continued over the last 20+ years as a executive, engineer and program manager at AED, where I managed a number of companies, programs and projects across the US.

In 2017, I launch, BRITIL to continue this passion. Many people reach out to me seeking my counsel, business ideas guidance and professional experience to guide and assist their professional lives. My hope, with BRITIL, is to assist more people and help grow more businesses and help executives meet their potential.

I will sum up my words by saying, I would be honored to work with you in the future. Let's get started.