Growth! Podcast | Business Mentoring – Business Strategies – Executive Coaching

Terrence Brown has been a small business executive, engineer, consultant and program manager with over 25 years of experience, where he managed a number of companies, government programs and public/private projects across the US and overseas. In addition, he has acquired a number of firms, as well as grown his former firm from 0 – 150 employees and over $10 Million. In this podcast, I will cover a lot of subjects in and around business, hopefully enjoy a few laughs, and dig into details you can readily apply to your business and/or product ideas.

Topics include:

  • Are you prepared for Growth?
  • How to protect your business ideas? Or grow your business ideas?
  • How to become a successful government contractor?
  • Growing thru acquisition?
  • Business stories, missed opportunities, and lessons learned
  • Favorite moments from interviewing Business owners, and other professionals


Episode: #1 – What is your business strategy?
Episode: #2 – Do you need a business coach?
Episode: #3 – Are you planning to get lucky?
Episode: #4 – Are you ready for Growth?
Episode: #5 – Do you have the right tool(s) to grow your business?
Episode: #6 – Are you the reason your business is not growing?
Episode: #7 – What is your brand strategy?
Episode: #8 – Do you need a business plan?
Episode: #9 – Is it time for a new marketing plan?
Episode: #10 – Is there power in the answer No?
Episode: #11 – New Product idea, what do you do next?
Episode: #12 – Can you grow thru acquisition?
Episode: #13 – Do you need to invest in staff?
Episode: #14 – Diversification of Contracts
Episode: #15 – Developing a Pricing Strategy
Episode: #16 – Developing a Business Development Growth Plan

I hope that you enjoy this new Growth! Podcast brought to you by BRITIL.

The Growth! podcast is produced every Wednesday for your enjoyment.