“The paradox of success occurs because when we recognize the need to change before we have to change.”                                                                                       Charles Handy, “The Age of Paradox” – Harvard Business School Press, 1994.

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Business Mentoring Services from the Metropolitan DC Area

BRITIL (pronounced /brī·til/) offers business mentoring and executive coaching for business owners, executives, business partners, family owned businesses and those new to business. Our private executive coaching and online coaching group programs are offered in different packages for your business needs and commitments, in addition to a tailored growth sessions payable on an hourly basis.  We plan, develop business goals, prepare action items to address your business ideas and needs, in order to meet client satisfaction.

Not sure where to start? We are happy to suggest a program and the most effective approach to best serve your current and future needs. We have also structured four different packages (see below) or click here for a more detailed package breakdown to meet your goals, however if you seek a different structure, please feel free to contact us.


Britil Package Options

Brainstorm / Initial Steps

Recommended for new businesses or business ideas in need of business mentoring and/or executive coaching.

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Plan/Prepare Session

Recommended for current businesses needing business mentoring and/or executive coaching to guide them forward. We’ll meet twice a month for three months.

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Planning / Consulting Session

Recommended for businesses needing professional business mentoring, as well as  executive coaching to move forward. We’ll meet twice a month for six months.

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Deep Dive Session

Recommended for businesses with a clear need, but require specific business strategy and growth assistance analysis as soon as possible.

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